Ametrine (アメトリン Ametorin?) and Trystine (トリスティン Torisutin?) are two twin cat siblings who appeared in the Jewelpet franchise in 2008. Ametrine's first appearance is in the online Webgurumi game as a shop owner while Trystine appeared first in the Nintendo DS game Jewelpet: Cute Magical Fantasy as the owner of an instrument making shop. They both then appeared in Jewelpet Twinkle☆ at the same time as minor characters.


Ametrine and Trystine are both anthropomorphic cats who have the same height as a human being. They both have light brown fur and both are hetochromic, with dark amber and purple eyes. Ametrine's eye color were arranged normally while Trystine's eyes were done in reverse to tell each other apart. Also, both twins wear harem-like clothing with the exception of their crowns with Ametrine having a huge golden crown while Trystine having a small tiara with four flowers decorated on each side.


Both twins share the same personality as each other, being caring and supportive to the Jewel Star Candidates. Having both knowledge in magical items, they were good on explaining to Ruby some of the features of the Jewel Pod to her.


As seen only in one episode, both twins were expert magic users, however, they can only use spells only if the twins are together. Another thing is about them is that they also wield a Jewel Pod, used to browse through magic spells.


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  • Both the twin's name are based on Ametrine and Trystine
    Ametrine & Trystine
    , a variant of the mineral Quartz.
  • In the franchise itself, Ametrine is the first anthropomorphic character in the series. She is then joined by Trystine a year later.
  • Both twins share the same voice actress as Luea.