Angelina Grand Maniel Chocola Julliangeli is the third member of the Magical Angels and Amelie's human partner in Jewelpet Twinkle☆. She is referred to as the "Maid Angel" and is the youngest of all the sisters. Angelina is a novice magician compared to her sisters.


Angelina is a short girl. She has long, brown hair which is usually worn in two pigtails with buns and pink ribbons with ice blue diamonds at the top. She has large, amethyst eyes. Her outfit is a black dress with a black rose by the chest area and pink linings and the end of her dress. Her sleeves are pink at the left and right sides and white in the middle with black bands and small pink hearts in the middle. She also wears white ruffled cuffs with pink lining on each wrist. On the waist is a pink bow on the middle and a light pink bow with wings at the back. Her apron is white and has a big pink heart on it. Underneath her dress is a frilly petticoat with ruffles. She also wears pink cross earrings, black tall socks with pink lining and black shoes.




  • She and her sisters have the longest names in the anime series.