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The Battest (バッデスト Baddesuto?) is a forbidden book that contains Dark Magic created from the negative emotions of human beings.

According to legend, the Dark Magic was sealed away in the book by Jewelina and then locked away, for fear that its power may cause destruction to both worlds. Rumor has it that the key to the item has been locked away in the forbidden room in the old schoolhouse, in which no Jewelpet or human can enter.

The key to the Battest turns out to reside in both Yuuma's and Alma's birthmarks. Alma kidnaps Yuuma in order to get access to it, and it's revealed that the book resides in one of the orbital rings outside Jewel Land's atmosphere. In episode 37, Alma uses the key with Angela's Jewel Charm to unlock the item and it turns into a sword.

The Battest is sealed again in episode 38 through the combined efforts of Akari, Miria, Sara, Leon, Nicola, and their Jewelpets. However, all of its powers are transferred to Alma and, as revealed during the Jewel Star Grand Prix, it has possessed her.