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Jewelpet Magical Change is a 2015 anime series based on the Jewelpet franchise. It is the 7th and final series in the Jewelpet anime franchise.

For the first time in the franchise, Jewelpets are given the ability to transform between a Jewelpet and a human. The series also features the debut of a new Jewelpet character named Larimar.



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KyubeyViolatedMe KyubeyViolatedMe 12 February

im moving to jewel land

im moving to jewel land with my homie dian see yall never

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Doodletron0318 Doodletron0318 31 August 2020


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KyubeyViolatedMe KyubeyViolatedMe 6 June 2020

Jojo characters and what jewelpets they would have

Jonathan Joestar - Tour. Jonathan is a true gentleman almost l ike Tour so seeing him and tour together is a must.

Dio Brando - Dian. Dian is messed up in season 1 and has some abilities Dio can do as well so seeing them part together is a must. Though Dio being Dio, hed probably make Jewelpets exti…

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