Kris (クリス Kurisu?) is a male Miniature Dachshund Jewelpet who represents Relationships or Work Luck.


Kris is a grey Miniature Dachshund dog with long-haired floppy ears and white spots above his eyes that resemble eyebrows. His Jewel Eyes are made out of green chrysocollas. For his attire, he wears a black waistcoat with a dark green bowtie around his neck.

When corrupted by Dian, his waistcoat becomes even more dark and the spots above his eyes become shaped like angry eyebrows.

Charm Form


Kris' Jewel Charm is egg-shaped with a flat bottom and a tab on the top. The base of the charm is silver in colour. In the center is a turquoise four leaf clover, which reflects his symbol of luck. On either side of the clover are matching coloured trims for decoration. The tab of the charm features a ribbon with a bow in the middle, also coloured turqouise.


According to the official website, Kris is depicted as kind, sincere, and honorable towards his friends.

In Lady Jewelpet, Kris is cheerful and energetic. He tries to do his best as Mizuki's temporary partner, though he is a bit thoughtless with how to go with it.


In Kris's official setting in the franchise, he represents Relationships. As the Jewelpet of Relationships, Kris' magic allows humans to be able to get along and develop good relationships with others. In Jewelpet, he wields the power of Work Luck, which makes humans be more successful and talented at their jobs.


In Jewelpet

Kris is one of the Jewel Eight. He was summoned and corrupted by Dian in episode 37 to make the Strawberry Café in both the human world and Jewel Land lose customers. Rinko and the others then capture and purify him by defeating Dian at a dance-off Jewel Game. Since then, he became the manager of the Strawberry Café.

In Jewelpet Kira☆Deco!

Kris owns a popular hat shop which Ruby visits in order to get some clothes for Pink. This of course; ends up in failure, but this is the only time he is shown with a small role in this series.

In Lady Jewelpet

Kris is one of the dogs used to test the Petite Ladies' skill at dog-walking. He gets partnered with Mizuki.



  • Kris's jewel motif is the chrysocolla, a hydrated copper cyclosilicate mineral. The structure of the mineral has been questioned as spectrographic studies suggest material identified as chrysocolla may be a mixture of the copper hydroxide spertiniite and chalcedony.
  • Kris is one of the two Jewelpets who wears clothes, the other being Rald.