Masago Kuroda (黒田真砂 Kuroda Masago?) is a secondary character from Jewelpet Sunshine.


Masago is a teenager with a slender build, slightly tanned skin, light brown, short and slightly spiky hair and brown eyes. His usual outfit is the Sunshine Academy male uniform, mostly white with dark blue details.


Masago's personality contrasts with that of his best friend Mikage's. He is very open, friendly and easy to get along with. On the flip side, he can be thoughtless and inconsiderate, as seen when directing his movie starring Garnet.


Masago is the clown of the Plum class. He's good friends and roommates with Mikage Shiraishi and later Jasper. He develops a crush on Garnet starting from episode 10-A, after seeing her in many attractive cosplay outfits.


  • Masago's family name, Kuroda, contains the word "kuro" (黒), which means "black". It opposes Mikage's own family name Shiraishi, which contains "shiro" (白), meaning "white".