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This article is about the character in Jewelpet Sunshine. For the similarily-named character in Jewelpet Happiness, see Master (Happiness).

Master is the owner of the Strawberry Café in Jewelpet Sunshine.


He is a middle-aged man with graying hair, a mustache and has a muscular and athletic body. He often dresses like a sommelier.


He has a stolid personality on the outside, but he's actually very sensitive, as seen when he faints after King shows him the bill he has accumulated, or when he is nearly driven to tears when Masago and Garnet break his prized plate collection. Despite this sensitivity, he is also very proud of his muscular build and likes to show it off. He is also a kind boss, as shown with his relationship with Garnet.


He is the owner of the Strawberry Café, where Garnet, and later Shouko, are employed part-time. Shouko develops a crush on him after he saves her, but Master rejects her.

In the final arc, he is possessed by the Dark Queen and fights against the heroes; most notably Labra, to whom he loses. At one point, Munata claims he was one of the Wise Ones.



  • His real name, if he has one, is unknown.
  • There is another character called Master in Jewelpet Happiness, who plays a similar role (café managing) to this one. However, the completely different design and personality makes them distinct characters.