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Minami Asaoka (朝岡 みなみ Asaoka Minami?) is Garnet's human partner and Rinko's childhood best friend, as well as her classmate. She is the second person to be tasked with finding the lost Jewelpets, with the third and last being Aoi.


Minami's hair is dark teal, her eyes are dark brown, and the tallest of the three protagonists.

She wears a white shirt, a black skirt, red socks and blue and white shoes. She is often seen with a black necklace decorated with turquoise pearls at the end, with Garnet's Jewel Charm in the middle.


Minami is 14 years old and attending junior high school. She is a member of the school's Kendo Club whose family owns an Okonomiyaki shop in the city suburbs. She is very tomboyish and uses her Kendo skills in some situations. Her favorite color is pink and secretly loves cute stuff, as it is revealed that only Garnet knows about it.

Minami has a crush on her club senior Hisashi. Garnet wants to make him love her too, but she failed. Though in the end, Hisashi Miyamoto looked like he had a crush on her in episode 5. At the end of the final story arc, she was trying to get the perfect outfit for a date with him.

She is also very supportive to Rinko in the situations where she may give up in a battle. And despite her personality, she likes the color pink and stuffed animals shown in how she decorated her room pink. She also helps Rinko and Aoi in finding the lost Jewelpets on Earth.



  • Minami's voice actress, AKINA, is a Japanese singer.
    • This is her first, and so far, only time where she ever voiced an anime character, same for Rinko Kougyoku and Charon's voice actresses.
  • Minami is one of the characters in the first series whose mother is not shown.
  • Minami could be the opposite of Mana Fujisaki from Onegai My Melody since, despite both characters being tomboys, Minami secretly likes cute things while Mana does not.