The Phantom Herb Thieves

The Phantom Herb Thieves (怪盗ハーブ団 Kaitō hābu-dan?) are a group of antagonists from Jewelpet.

They are a group of homeless thieves that Diana hires to find all of the Jewelpets who have fallen on Earth. The group is comprised of three people:

  • Mint (ミント, Minto) (the leader and Kaiya's human partner)
  • Sage (セージ, Sēji) (a meek man who is responsible for awakening Diana herself)
  • Aojiso (アオジソ, Aojiso) (a happy, gluttonous fat woman and Kohaku's human partner)

Their real names, if they have them, are unknown.

During the events of episode 26, they betray Diana after the Jewel Stick is unveiled and leave to find a better life. The trio isn't seen again until episode 51, where it's revealed that they have joined the military, and they help Rinko and her friends fight Dian in his powerful dark form.


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