Raku Majo (ラクマージョ Raku mājo?) is a character from Jewelpet.


Raku Majo is unexpectedly relaxed and even irresponsible for someone with such a high position in the hierarchy of Jewel Land. She is rather lazy and tries to deposit all the responsibility of retrieving the Jewelpets in the shoulders of humans, though this could also hint at her trust in humanity.

Despite her lackadaisical attitude, Raku Majo is very intelligent and does not have an extreme personality, like her fellow Great Magicians that could cloud her judgement.


As she is the leader of the Four Great Magicians, Raku Majo has immense magical power and skill.

She also has the ability to create Jewelpets through an altar using her magic. This is how Labra is born.


She is the leader of the Four Great Magicians and the ruler of Jewel Land. Her symbolic color is pink.

She is in direct contact with the prime minister of Japan in their mission to bring the Jewelpets back to Jewel Land. She also keeps in contact with the owner of the Jewel Pocketbook, who turns out to be Rinko. She gives advice and expounds on the history of Jewel Land when needed.

Raku Majo, with her colleagues, defeated Dian and Diana when the former attempted to start a revolution against humans.