Shouko Aizawa is a major character in Jewelpet Sunshine. She is the leader of the delinquents in the Plum class.


Shouko is a tomboyish delinquent. She tries to project a cool and detached demeanor, but she's a bit thick-headed and quick to jump into fights. She's also prone to swooning over whoever she's in love with (Rald and Master).

Despite being a delinquent, Shouko has a certain sense of honour, as shown when she keeps her promise of giving Angela a lollipop as reward for helping her in a race, even though they didn't win.


Shouko in general does not interact very often with people outside of her circle of fellow delinquents. Her relationship with her classmates in the Plum class seems to be one of mutual respect and tolerance.

  • Charotte - Charotte was Shouko's first friend when she enrolled at Sunshine Academy. Both were marginalized by their classmates, so they found a sort of grudging solace in each other. When Charotte proved she prized Shouko's relationship by defending her against a gang, they became inseparable and formed their own delinquent group.
  • Waniyama - Waniyama was the leader of the group who antagonized Shouko and Charotte at first, but he defected to their group after Charotte defeated him.
  • Angela - Throughout the series, Angela becomes Shouko's trusted friend and racing partner, and they're shown to be racing together professionally in the epilogue.
  • Teacher Iruka - As a teacher, Iruka wants Shouko to give up on her delinquent ways, but he lets her be when they both lose in a race they had betted on.
  • Titana - Wishing to become more manly so he'll be more valued by Kanon, Titana asks Shouko to help him with his predicament.