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The existing Sweetspets. (Excluding Gumimin, who only appears in the movie poster; albeit very small)

Sweetspets (スウィーツペット Suwītsupetto?) are a domesticated animal species of Sweetsland. As their species name states, they are the sweet/candy equivalent of the Jewelpets. Instead of eyes made out of gemstones, they have bodies which are made out of sweets (which their parts can be eaten and grow back really quickly).

Usually, they are in Jewel Land during the holidays, doing their roles of spreading love and cheer each Christmas. They are also capable of performing the Sweets Flash, the Sweetspet equivalent of the Jewel Flash.

Most of the Sweetspets themselves derive their power from the Candy Tower, the most notable landmark of Sweetsland.

List of Sweetspets

Chocola Donadona Eclan Gumimin Honey Kako Koron
Chocola officialart.png Screenshot 2019-05-01-14-15-28-11.png Eclan officialart.png S13 Gumimin.png Honey officialart.png Kako officialart.png Koron officialart.png
Lolip Macaronia Mako Melorina Purinki Roko Sakuran
Macaronia officialart.png Maco officialart.png Melorina officialart.png Purinki officialart.png 85x Sakuran officialart.png


  • All of the Sweetspets (except Gumimin and Lolip) were created by fans for a contest during the airing of Jewelpet Sunshine.
  • Lolip is the only "Sweetspet" whose species is currently not confirmed officially, despite the fact that her eyes are made out of strawberry candies.
    • She is also the only one who is not accepted in the main series canon so far.

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